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Here's what former students are saying...

Annette Stowe was my first singing teacher. I was with her for over 5 and a half years, and when she left it was one of the saddest days.  Annette has taught me so much in the time we had together. When I started singing with Annette I was a shy singer... Now, I can express myself when singing and I am louder and more confident.  [Annette] is always upbeat and ready to teach. I would look forward to her lessons every week because I would always enjoy them and she was the reason... I used to think singing was a hobby and because of her she made it part of my life... I was so lucky to have met a person with so much heart who cared for me and never wanted me to give up. And because of her, I am sure that I won’t give up.   --Rebecca Rocke, Age 14

Annette Stowe was my singing teacher for about 2-3 years and she was the best teacher anyone could ask for. Before I went with Annette I didn't know much about music and how to read it, I just knew that I loved to sing and that's what I was there for. Annette touched me so much and [taught me] everything I need to know to help me with my future.  When I would go in every week for my lesson we used to have so much fun talking, laughing, and her trying to help me learn those tongue twisters (they were actually really hard).  Overall you can say Annette was a good singing teacher yes, but she was an even better friend and I will never forget her.  --Jacqueline Nucci, Age 15 

Annette Stowe is the best voice teacher I have ever had.  I have been going to her about 4 or 5 years and she has been great.  My voice has improved so much and I have learned a lot from her.  She is fun sweet and caring.  She makes voice lessons fun and also makes you have fun at the lessons. Annette is honestly like my second mother (well, I call her that) and I never grew that close to someone before.  She has a great talent and is also a great teacher.    --Anthony Elia, Age 19

More testimonials are on the way...check back soon.

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